Blue Jeans Cable International Fax/Mail Order Form

To use this form, please: (1) fill in the information as requested below, and print this form; (2) attach an itemized list of the cables you're ordering (the easiest way to do this is to use our online shopping basket, then print out the contents of the shopping basket window); and (3) fax this form and the list to 1 206 284 2931 or mail to: Blue Jeans Cable, 3216 16th Ave W, Seattle WA 98119, USA. Shipping is charged in accordance with the same rates applicable to an online shopping basket purchase.

IMPORTANT: Please Note

Shipping charges and VAT will not show in a shopping basket printout, so the total owed may be larger than the subtotal which the shopping basket printout shows. Specifically, we will add a shipping charge (if applicable; see our ordering information page) and, if your country charges VAT on imports and if the selected method of shipping is Federal Express, we will apply VAT at the appropriate rate to the total of the price of the goods plus the shipping. We will then convert the price to dollars at the current mid-market exchange rate, and charge your credit card in dollars. Depending upon your credit card provider's exchange rate and foreign currency policies, this will mean that your order may end up costing slightly more or slightly less than the total shown in pounds.

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