What do these 'Cable Color' Options Mean?

There are two color elements to any of our crimp cable assemblies: (1) the color of the cable jacket, and (2) the color(s) of the strain relief boots at the connectors. As a general rule, the color of the strain relief boots is dictated by the cable application; for example, a component video cable, by convention, comes with the connector boots color-coded red, green, and blue, while a single cable used for digital audio comes with an orange boot.

Whenever we offer a 'cable color' option, this refers to the color of the cable jacket--that is, the color of the cable between the connectors and strain relief boots. These color options can be convenient if, for example, you need to use a cable color which will be less conspicuous when laid in front of a painted baseboad, or if you find it easier to trace cables on your equipment rack when they are of different colors.